Rotunda, Warsaw, 2013

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The mere fact that the Rotunda is located in the very center of Warsaw does not guarantee that it will become a focal point of attraction. A really strong element was needed that would make the area a special point for the capital. That is why we placed an elevated platform above the Rotunda – a floating oasis and Urban Stage. Its flexibility can be compared to the garden of the Serpentine Gallery in London with an even higher potential: not only the municipality will be able to schedule a seasonal redesign program of the platform, but also citizens will have the possibility to influence the choice of activities. During periods without special events the platform will become an attractive meeting point. Moreover the transparency of the floor will allow users to discover the beautiful roof of the building, that today can not be admired. read more

Project: Rotunda, Warsaw
Status: Changing the Face Competition
Program: Redisigning the iconic Rotunda building in the centre of Warsaw
Client: PKO Bank Polski
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak