Radar is a project created in 2008 by Marco de Piaggi along with a small group of friends. Its aim is identification, creation and exhibition of artistic forms such as sculpture, painting, printing, photography, architecture, video art and music.

The creative forms that Radar is eager to 'capture' and let emerge must have affinity with the two key points below:

1) The various artistic forms and manifestations which Radar is interested in are those with a research totally independent of the trends of the 'traditional' art market. In this sense Radar can be considered an avant-garde monitor. It is not a concern as to whether or not the techniques used are “traditional”, such as painting, lithography or sculpture. The avant-garde is not seen by Radar as mere nostalgia for the last century; it’s seen as a research in the field of artistic expression that voluntarily or involuntarily creates fractures with what has been done up to that point. According to Radar an absolute truth does not exist: that which for a period of time was considered "correct" is later contradicted and replaced by something else (often with the products of a new movement).

2) The second aim of Radar is to find artists who express themselves with urgency and a full adhesion between their being and the artistic result. There is no space in Radar for formal or decorative manifestations: art (in the broadest understanding of the word) is a “physical” expression of a human being. When it possesses characteristics such as urgency, authenticity and a sensibility to a wide range of spiritual and cultural issues that affect "the actuality", the work itself IS the being that has created it.

Radar aims to intercept all creative events that are at the same time radical, actual and urgent. For this reason Radar is constantly looking for young artists who are taking their first steps in this direction.

Commercial viability is not a primary concern of Radar: of more importance is the understanding of the two key points as stated above.