TOGS, Austin, Texas, 2010

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The challenge of this competition was to reinvent a pavilion for outdoor fairs. The requirements were very demanding with regard to flexibility. The pavilion had to be usable for different art mediums (painting, sculpture, architecture, photography...) and it had to be portable, which implies easy to transport, build and dismantle.
The reference image we have chosen for our proposal is an encampment, which is flexible, easy and fast to build and temporary in use. We have chosen to place the TOGS on the bridge which offers great visibility from the surroundings, an impressive panoramic view over the Colorado river and the largest width in the competition area. Moreover the existing pedestrian lanes located on both sides of the bridge could be used as an emergency route, and if the bridge is used as the exhibition area, the necessary changes in the traffic routes in the area would be minimal. read more

Project: Togs
Status: Competition
Site: Austin, Texas
Program: Temporary outdoor exposition pavilion
Client: Art Alliance Austin
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Federico Caputo, Weronika Wawrzyniak