Skyscraper System, 2009

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The eVolo competition brief required the design of a skyscraper that would take into account the immediate context and environment. Given the generality of this request, as the place chosen by each participating group would have been arbitrary, we decided to design a flexible SYSTEM adaptable to different
Compared with the traditional way of thinking of a single super-tall skyscraper, we proposed a broader, global vision for a solution to the problems of the cities.
After more than 100 years from the construction of the first skyscrapers, the city has evolved and its dynamics and problems are now different and more complex than those of the last century: density, the need for renovation and reuse of abandoned sites, the need for multifunctional hubs and so on. We believe that it is anachronistic and limiting to try to solve these instances with a single episode of architectural design. That is why we propose a broader scale of intervention: the skyscraper becomes a flexible SYSTEM of integrated skyscrapers in a bigger urban scale, with the objective of addressing the complexity of the modern city. read more

Project: Skyscraper system
Status: Competition
Site: Venice, Italy; Warsaw, Poland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Program: Multifunctional skyscraper system
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Federico Caputo, Weronika Wawrzyniak