Platforms, Selb, Germany, 2011

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The project area occupies the western part of the centre of Selb, where functional deficiencies and urban decay are evident. The quality of the buildings is often poor, parking for residents is wrongly placed, creating an unattractive environment. These deficiencies are detrimental to commercial and cultural activities.
Our proposal wants to address these deficiencies through three main interventions: the addition of multifunctional platforms to the existing urban fabric, the renovation of the walkways along the main street Marienstrasse and the reorganization of the crossroads on Marienplatz.
A system of platforms, one storey high, inserted at the rear of existing buildings is the main element of our intervention. At street level they will become covered garages surrounded by commercial and cultural spaces, while their roof will assume the function of private and public terraces for current and new residents. The platforms will also form the plinth for new residential units of 2 - 3 - 4 floors, created for three different target groups: young families, elderly people and owners of workshops or commercial activities located within the area. read more

Project: Platforms
Status: Europan Competition
Site: Selb, Germany
Program: Revitalisation of the western part of the city center of Selb
Key Team Members: Federico Caputo, Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak