Vertical SPA Rome, 2010

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How to preserve the natural vocation of the project site to be an archaeological museum with the request of the competition - the construction of a SPA tower of 100m?
How can a skyscraper be integrated in an area of such historic-archaeological importance?
How should a skyscraper work to ensure not only its functions / services, but also that it attracts the interest of casual visitors?
The new SPA tower will be at the same time an archaeological tourist destination and a thermal facility, it will thus have a double use: cultural (at ground floor) and thermal (in the tower) and will also accommodate recreational and sports activities.
This will be achieved thanks to two combined strategies: 1) extension of the archaeological Parco di Traiano with excavation and restoration of the ruins of the Terme di Tito. 2) the construction of the SPA tower whose lower part covering the perimeter of the plot will create a sort of covered square with a partially transparent floor, that will show the ruins of the Terme di Tito. read more

Project: Vertical SPA facing the Colosseum
Status: Competition
Site: Rome, Italy
Program: Leisure skyscraper
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Federico Caputo, Weronika Wawrzyniak