Adventure playground, Oslo, Norway, 2011

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Grønmo near Oslo had been for 40 years an active landfill but now this function is not present any more (except for some recycling facilities), so a new exciting role had to be proposed for the area. The challenge was to come up with a concept for the reuse of that landfill, that would create a place for education, recreation and social interaction in the multi-ethnic frame that characterizes the suburbs of Oslo. That concept would have to be adaptable in a way that it could become an example for the development of similar abandoned wastelands or industrial sites in proximity of big cities. Our proposal is to create a junk/adventure playground in one part of the area and then extend its ideas and character to other parts of the park meant for the adult community. In an adventure playground anything can be used as playable material, old timber, old furniture, old cloths and any other possible recycled or second hand objects. So recycling is a crucial element of an adventure playground, together with ecological awareness, gardening and composting. read more

Project: Adventure playground
Status: Europan Competition
Site: Oslo, Norway
Program: Creation of a challenging recreational area on a disused disposal site
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak, Federico Caputo