Licht in de Lucht, 2013

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Licht in the Lucht (Lights in the Air) is a project that aims to movet the current entrance to the Oude Kerk,the oldest church in Amsterdam, to the church tower and to increase the attractiveness of the Oudekerksplein square and of the entrance. In view of the functional and representative-symbolic requirements,given the regulations concerning the oldest church in Amsterdam and taking into account the relatively small area in front of the tower and the presence of trees, we opted for an ephemeral solution of several distributed elements (as opposed to an unique structure.
The project consists of a series of cloud elements distributed in the area in and around the entrance to the Oude Kerk. They consist of a shell of Corian (a composite of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate) with inside colored LED lights. During the day when the LEDs are turned off, the elements will be white, while at dusk they will lit up with different colors. read more

Project: Licht in the Lucht
Status: Invited Competition
Program: Reinstatement of the entrance to the Oude Kerk in the church tower; upgrade of the Oudekerksplein
Client: Oude Kerk Management, Amsterdam
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak