fortresses of foam

This exhibition is organised in collaboration with UAMO - Urban Art and Media Organisation from Munich. Radar has been selected among ten other galleries from all over the world to participate in the UAMO City tour, an art festival taking place every year since 2004. The theme of this years festival is FORTRESS.
All participating galleries organise in their home towns exhibitions, that in the vision of the curators and the artists give a certain interpretation of the annual theme. Subsequently the galleries exhibit their artists in a collective art festival in Munich.
The hint from the organisors of the festival regarding the theme was: “We need a fortress wooden, stone, analog, global, digital, to protect us, do we need a fortress?".
The artist chosen to represent Radar is the painter Nisja. Soft frames of foam embrace and protect small-sized paintings and collages arranged in pairs. Every pair depicts a little story, a thought, an association or impression, a haiku-like expression of the concept of fortress.
Nisja in her interpretation of the theme depicts fortresses that can be personal or collective, physical or imaginary, archetypical or unexpected.
Trees in the snow forming a protective, almost ritual circle, houses of a village, providing the shelter of a community; the industrial power of a factory mirroring the power of a historic fortification; the spiritual strength radiating from an ancient monastery and from timeless religious symbols; landscapes made of stone and water, where reality and dream meet.