Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant, 2021

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The Iceland Greenhouse Restaurant competition is a collaboration with Vogafjós Farm Resort, located east of Lake Mývatn. For this competition, participants were tasked with designing a greenhouse concept restaurant. Fresh, locally grown foods are scarce in Iceland, particularly during the winter months.

The greenhouse would allow Vogafjós Farm to grow salad vegetables, fruits, and berries that could then be served in the restaurant, offering guests an immersive experience, as well as delicious, locally produced food.

Our ambition was to create a restaurant where it is possible to eat surrounded by the plants while watching the Hverfjall volcano, the Northern Lights and the pools of Mývatn Nature Baths set just next to the competition area.
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Project: The Magic Mountains
Status: Competition
Program: Greenhouse Restaurant
Client: Vogafjós Farm Resort, Iceland
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Jan Moritz