Tallinn Architecture Biennale: Tallinn Tetris, 2019

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Our world needs new ideas for affordable, comfortable and meaningful housing solutions. The concept of sharing living space, resources, knowledge and experiences between families, people of different ages, with different interests and ways of life could be a step forward towards a better life for everybody.

The key points of our project for the new Tallinn quarter are thus: sharing, sizing and modularity. The entire area has been divided into a grid of 4x4 meters that organizes the ground floor volumes dedicated to the concept of sharing: from communal living and working spaces, to shared study, play and hobby areas.

The Tetris like morphology of this volumes forms generous shared outdoor spaces, open to inhabitants and the general public, dedicated to gardening, working, playing, relaxing and sports. Above the ground floor the private sphere is placed: different housing types composed of equal, repetitive modules in different quantities, relatively small because of the generosity of the shared ground floor spaces. Reduced private space and the modularity of the design, based on an steel frame of 4x4 meters, increase the affordability of the intervention.
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Project: Tallinn Architecture Biennale: Tallinn Tetris
Status: Competition, Winner of Honorable Mention
Program: Shared housing + facilities and public function
Client: Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019, Estonian Centre for Architecture
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak