Opera Beyond - Passage, 2019

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The brief called for an installation, that represents the story of an immaginary young girl from the future, that would tell us about her most significant memories.
Among this memories of her future we decided to concentrate on the moment of human passage from unconsciousness, to an eventual awakening.

Our ”Passage” installation consists of a light modular frame forming a corridor that leads to a sphere. It is divided into four interactive ”acts” accompanied by four musical pieces. The whole structure is covered by white PVC-coated polyester cloth.

In the first part the floor is covered in squares: ”a giant keyboard” that shines green light that will be switched off when somebody steps on them (the lights switch on again after some time). It symbolizes the moment in our future (or rather our present) when we collectively damage our planet.

The second part consists of black plastic strips hanging from above and an undulated floor that make it hard to pass the 2.40m to the other side. This part symbolizes the unpleasant Earth that we will eventually create.
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Project: Opera Beyond - Passage
Status: Competition
Program: Creative, immersive concept to be the Finnish National Opera & Ballet's new art piece, with the working title ”Memories of Future”.
Client: Finnish National Opera & Ballet
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak