Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, 2018

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The meta-concept is to create an immersive experience around recycling as a process. The circular repurposing of something functional and once-useful into something tangible and collectively beautiful. A highly visible and interactive entity that grows over time through a collaborative effort from visitors and machines.

This is more than just the idea of using recycled materials and renewable energy, this uses the very system of recycling plastics as the centerpiece, exposing the workings and the simplicity. The machinery is not hidden away in factories and plants, but instead featured and brought to the stage. We want people to see the tangible output of their personal effort - 1 plastic bottle equals 1 glowing drop - and together we will build a very visible, collaborative display of this.
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Project: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney
Status: Concept
Program: Transform the Powerhouse Museum's forecourt into an immersive, multi-functional and unforgettable environment for our audiences.
Client: MAAS Architecture Commission Sydney
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak, Nick Mueller