World Expo: Italian Pavilion, 2018

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Italy, for its rich history and geographic configuration, is a country were numerous opposites coexist, so it is possible to talk about a strong dualism. Mediterranean climate and the snowy Alps, historicism and modernity are few examples from a long list. Our pavilion aims to be an architectural expression of this dualism.
Three horizontal concrete slabs form two floors, each of which is a metaphor of the dualistic elements.

The ground-floor is shaped by nature. Sinuous curves of the floor and ceiling evoke mountains and dunes, the randomly placed pillars are a metaphor of rich Italian forests. This floor offers visitors a cocktail-bar, DJ-music and an exhibition of furniture by Italian designers that visitors can actually use to rest. This is the realm of nightlife, drinks, dancing and contemporary design.
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Project: World Expo: Italian Pavilion
Status: Competition, Winner of Honorable Mention
Program: Italian Pavilion for an Universal Exposition
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak