Museum of Language 'The Beacon', 2018

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The project for the Museum of Language (MoL) follows three interconnected criteria: urban planning, programme and morphology.

Located directly on the Thames, the site has huge urban, scenic and panoramic potential. We therefore opted for a tall building (60m) with a low footprint (10.5x60.5 m) that hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions and leaves space for a large language-themed public park - an attraction point for the entire Woolwich area. The underground level houses the rest of the program, above which gardens are placed at ground level. The adjacent parking lot has been moved underground, allowing to extend the park above even further.

The park created above the underground level will have the dual function of enriching the neighborhood and therefore the social life of the local population and being a point of attraction for visitors of the museum.
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Project: Museum of Language 'The Beacon'
Status: Competition
Program: Language museum with Learning Center and public park
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak