Yilong Suspended Eco City, 2017

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There is no future for our cities - not in China nor in the rest of the world - for city-planning, architecture and ultimately for the development of human societies without a radical change in ecological sensibility.

How can a city of the future coexist with the natural environment, salvaging nature itself and bringing people closer to the issues of sustainability and to the ecosystem itself? The Yilong area offers a stunning natural and agricultural landscape. In order to preserve it we decided to raise urban life above it, creating two levels: the ground level where the natural, landscaped and agricultural environment will not only be preserved, but integrated into the life of the city in a meaningful way. The elevated level will consists of a looped urban bridge 30 m wide and 10 m high, that will host the social, cultural and commercial activities that usually take place in a city.

Towers with small footprints will serve as vertical connectors between the two levels and will accommodate various functions typical of urban skyscrapers: apartments, offices, leisure spaces, commercial functions and services. The elevated urban loop can also be seen as a large "horizontal skyscraper" that will give the inhabitants the opportunity to live a life with respect of local social traditions: a series of places of encounter with different characters and functions, recreational, cultural, and educational will be scattered throughout the loop. Cinemas, amphitheaters, squares, museums, sport facilities, civic centers for young and old, markets and more will be incorporated on top and in the urban bridge and will create a continuous, lively urban environment.
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Project: Yilong Suspended Eco City
Status: Competition
Program: Oriental Landscape and Futuristic City
Client: Yilong District Management Committee and CBC (China Building Centre), sponsored by Guizhou Louna Architects Commune Cultural Development Co. Ltd, and media supported by Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak