Instant-Island, 2017

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Every person has a mental 'island' where they seek refuge at times. An intimate thought of the past, present or future, in most cases connected to a situation and a place that left a strong mark in the mind.

This intimate refuge can be assimilated to an island: it is difficult to reach by both the subject and an outsider, it implies a certain mental journey to reach it, it is mysterious, because as all places of the mind, it is in constant transformation.

Our instant-island project wants to be an instrument of 'urban mental architecture': the purpose is to bring mental islands to life instantly, to take the longings, fantasies and memories of people and to give them the chance to experience them. Instant-island envisages the use of an smartphone app or website, with the option to select all the objects that make up the 'fortunate island'. This data is processed and transformed into holographic images. The holograms are projected in a room where the user can enter and 'live' the product of his mind.
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Project: Instant-Island
Status: Competition
Program: App and Installation
Client: LA+ (Landscape Architecture Plus), University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Key Team Members: Marco de Piaggi, Weronika Wawrzyniak, Federico Caputo