Exhibiting at Radar

Radar would like to invite all the artist that see a connection with the manifest of Radar Architecture & Art to present themselves and apply for a possible exhibition.

Please, present us with an email which consist off a motivation letter in which you explain us the connection between you work and the manifest of Radar. Please, enclose in this email a PDF (max 4 MB) with quality photos minimum three works (please make sure that this PFD states the title of the work, the measurements and what kind of techniques have been used). When you've got a website up or are on some kind of online gallery please sent us the link as well.

Radar will have a careful look into the sent application and work.

It goes without saying that Radar is goning to need all the necessary contact details such as working email, telephone number, address and name. Radar will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

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